If you think going on a first date will make you nervous, you still haven’t experienced the nerve-wracking feelings that you get while waiting for an escort. You can easily overcome these feelings by taking a few precautions so that you are equipped to meet the escort.

While there aren’t too many statistics available, attitudes toward escorts are changing. Nowadays, it is commonplace for men to book a private escort for companionship and dinner dates. At the same time, escorts are hesitant to confirm bookings with clients, who do not follow escort etiquette.

If you do not want escorts to decline your booking and want to become an escort’s favourite client, here are some simple rules you need to follow seeing an escort.

Be Polite and Courteous

Escorts often vet their clients. So, they do ask you certain questions, like your name, age, and profession. They use this information to ascertain whether clients are genuine and can follow simple instructions. So, if you are rude during the first conversation, the escort will not confirm your booking.

Be Punctual

It is prudent to remember that escorts are professionals. So, if you turn up late for the appointment, it is considered rude. If you are seeking an escort, manage your time better so that you are punctual for the meeting that you’ve fixed with the escort.

Be Ready to Put Down a Deposit

Many times it happens that so-called clients book an appointment and then don’t turn up for it. Not only does this waste the escort’s time but it also prevents her from earning a livelihood. Hence, many escorts nowadays request clients for deposits. If you genuinely want to become the escort’s favourite client, don’t argue about the deposit. The escort will not disappear with it.

Shower and Dress Neatly

Just like at work, first impressions make a lot of difference. The escort will dress to please you and in return, she expects you to be clean and hygienic. So, make sure you not only shower and shave but also dress neatly.

Don’t Ask Personal Questions

It is good to make small talk to break the ice. However, refrain from asking personal questions, like her real name, address, and age. It will be a deal-breaker. Also, don’t ask her to see you outside her work. After all, an escort is a professional and should be treated like one.

Bring Along a Gift

When you ask an escort out for dinner, it is completely okay to bring a gift. Even if it is something small, like handkerchiefs or flowers, the escort will appreciate it. It also demonstrates that you are classy and well-bred.

Don’t Gossip

Do not ask questions about other clients or escorts. You will not get any information from the escort and it will leave a bad taste in the mouth. The next time you try booking the same escort, she will pass it over.

Don’t be Patronising

If you patronise the escort during your first telephonic conversation, you can forget about meeting her. Remember, escorts have a life outside work and they are not just sitting in lingerie waiting for clients. So, to be a good client, word your message appropriately.

Be Honest About Your Situation

If you have a physical challenge or some other issue, it is advisable to warn the escort beforehand. That will allow her to be mentally prepared, and she will not get a nasty shock at meeting you.

In Conclusion

Meeting a sexy elite escort is not that difficult. However, if you want to become her favourite client, these are the tips you should follow. Not only will it help you have a wonderful escort experience but you also will never have to worry about getting an appointment.