I am an independent Oriental escort in Central London, and take immense pride in my abilities to make my clients feel special. While I am renowned for being elegant, sophisticated and drop-dead gorgeous, it is the way I make my clients feel has helped me become a highly sought-after escort in Central London.

I am quite good at discerning moods. When laid-back gentlemen come to meet me, I can more or less figure out whether they are excited, nervous or stressed out. If you are excited in my presence, I drop the small talk and begin taking you to a crescendo from the word go. This can be with my words, a flick of my hair, a seductive smile or a fluttering touch on your thigh. These little gestures on their own hold no meaning, but when I execute them, they take up a whole new meaning in seduction.

In case you are nervous in my presence, I know just what will relax you. I will massage you to help you relax. I have receiving training in Chinese massage therapy and my knowledge allows me to work on your pressure points so that you can relax and enjoy my company to the fullest. I also offer erotic Chinese massage if you are nervous about your performance.

I love spending time with sophisticated and high-class gentlemen. When I am in their company, I have eyes and ears only for them. I listen to what they have to say and also understand the unspoken words and do what they like the most. I can become a bossy lady boss, a seductive secretary, an erotic nurse or teasing mistress in a blink of an eye.

I work hard to meet the expectations of my clients and this is what makes them feel special and wanted. While there are many escorts out there, I excel in making each client feel loved by customising my services to their requirements. Of course, I am not into kinky stuff, but can be a dominatrix when required.

So, if you are looking for an independent Chinese escort in London who offers elite services and can make you feel the most special person in the world, connect with me. If you are not floored by my stunning looks, you will be with my bespoke services.