I love to savour and sip wine or premium cocktails. While I enjoy drinking at home, sometimes, it is great to go to bars. Of course, I have my favourite hotel bars in London that are luxurious, grand, and intimate. They allow me to spend time alone or with clients in plush and discreet surroundings.

If you are interested to find out which are the best bars in London, according to me here is a list of the top three.

Scarfes Bar

I love being pampered and have never kept it a secret. There is no better place in London to enjoy this experience. It is cosy and intimate, and you do not have to worry about being disturbed. It also offers an evening of fun on Sundays with burlesque shows.

Located at the Rosewood in Holburn, Scarfes Bar has a magnificent high ceiling and is adorned with artwork. The massive chandeliers illuminate the space while the bar, which is situated at the back, offers an amazing collection of drinks.

I love to curl up on an overstuffed sofa and read a book sitting next to the fireplace or spend time at the bar with clients while we drink and get to know each other. There is no better experience than this!

The Punch Room

If you are looking for the best bars for couples, you cannot go wrong with The Punch Room. It is a sexy, intimate, and cosy bar, where couples can enjoy discreet moments without worries.

The Punch Room is at The Edition, a stunning hotel designed by Ian Schrager in Fitzrovia. The bar is located at the back and specialises in punches in all shapes, sizes, and styles. I find it relaxing and delightful to enjoy the large variety of concoctions that this bar serves.

Many times, when clients want privacy, I often recommend The Punch Room. There are couple’s seats near the fireplace and that allows us to be intimate without worrying about anyone else. Isn’t that wonderful?

Blue Bar

    I love hotel bars with a personality and that is exactly what you get when you step into the Blue Bar. This luxurious and chic bar is located in The Berkeley, in Knightsbridge, and its blue-themed décor is soothing and relaxing.

    When I am looking for a classic bar experience, the Blue Bar is my go-to hotel bar in London. It is a favourite among celebrities and personalities as well as hotel guests. You will find that the bar attracts a lot of clientele but no one is intrusive. So, it is one of great places to spend time with clients, who love cocktails and other alcoholic drinks.

    I personally enjoy going to the Blue Bar even when I am alone. I can sit and savour my drink without worrying about someone trying to chat me up. It is discreet, sophisticated, and elegant, just like me!

    So, now you know the best bars in London that are perfect for solo drinking expeditions or couples. When are you joining me?