Did you ever come across embarrassing situations at your massage parlor, like being asked too many personal questions? Did you hear your high class sensual masseuse complaining about other clients for late arrival or ill-treatment? Well, I can understand how you feel. I have been there too!

But on the other side of the coin, it teaches us that something might be going wrong. We might be making some mistakes we shouldn’t have done at a massage parlor. There are some modern golden rules we must know before hiring sensual massage services London. Let’s check them out!

  • Arrive on Time

Always be punctual for your appointment and if possible, come in 5-10 minutes earlier. Your masseuse has dedicated all her time for you and has other appointments after you. Moreover, by arriving on time, you are showing her respect, which you will definitely win back later.

If you are late, either you will be creating inconveniences for the next client or leaving the massage therapist to spare less time for you. If you are stuck in traffic or some other situations, inform your service provider instantly.

  • Let Your Masseuse Take the Lead

Your massage therapist is experienced and trained – she knows exactly how to make you feel good. Never give instructions unless it’s about something you must discuss. Simply be comfortable and enjoy her services. Also, learn about the limitations of your service, that is what is included and excluded, before hiring the service.

  • Respect Her Like a Lady

She is just a masseuse at a sensual massage London parlour; she is not a whore, so never treat her like one! Be respectful of her as you would do with any other woman. Work on making things easier for her, and not the other way round! She will only exhilarate you spiritually, and that’s all. Know your boundaries and abstain from making disrespectful requests.

  • Don’t Be Nervous

It will be difficult for your massage therapist to serve you if you keep on shaking with uneasiness or fear. If you are here for an erotic massage for the first time, it’s normal to be a bit nervous. But just be calm and relax. The end result will be breathtaking, trust me! If you are extremely nervous, try talking about something you find around you.

  • Talk to Her

Whether you have any special requests to make or simply want to break the silence, indulging in a nice conversation is always a good idea. If you have any injuries or spots that you want her to avoid, tell her at the beginning. She will make special modifications to cater to your preferences.

  • Offer Feedback

Did you like any particular part of the service? Did you like how she was touching you? Was your massage therapist able to please your senses? Whatever you feel, tell her. Provide honest feedback as much as you can. Trust me, she will love it! And she deserves that compliment.

  • Give Her a Tip

In the end, don’t forget to give her a tip to honor all her hard work. She is generally not making much from her job, so help her as much as you can. Tipping is important to let her know she did an excellent job! Besides, don’t forget to thank her for her time and effort.