Dinner dates are quite romantic and can make your date a success if handled the right way. At the same time, your dinner date can go south and your dreams of an intimate and romantic evening will disappear if you do not follow some of the most essential dos and don’ts.

So, without much ado, here are a few dinner date tips for guys to help your romance sizzle and steam.

Do Take Your Time to Savour the Food

Remember, dinner dates are an excuse to be romantic and intimate. So, don’t be in a rush to gulp down your food. Eating with an elite escort in London is nothing but foreplay. So, relish the food slowly and sensuously. Make sure that you make eye contact with the escort.

Don’t Take Food from Your Date’s Plate

You may find that your date’s entrée looks more appetising than yours. This may tempt you to help yourself without asking for your date. However, that is not okay. You will create a bad impression and can forget about any ensuing romance after dinner. Just suggest sharing and the escort will be more than happy to do so.

Don’t Talk About Disgusting Topics

When you are on a romantic dinner date with a hot girl, the last thing you should do is talk about unpalatable topics, like your root canal or colonic irrigation. Anything that involves excreta or something disgusting is not meant for the dinner table. Instead, focus on setting the mood and talk about what you are passionate about.

Do Eat and Enjoy Your Food

Most men do not like to eat with women who push food around their plates or solely nibble salads. Well, girls too don’t like men who barely touch their food. It becomes a lonely dining experience. Remember, eating is nothing but foreplay. Take pleasure in eating your dinner so that you can make the most of your night out with your hot date.

Don’t Be Rude to the Wait Staff

If you are trying to impress your dinner date by being arrogant and rude to the wait staff, you are on the wrong path. It will not impress the escort; instead, she will find you inconsiderate and discourteous. The wait staff is human and can make mistakes. Overlook them and be considerate. This behaviour will go a long way and work to your advantage after you finish dining.

Do Remember Basic Etiquette

Dinner dates are fun and exciting as the air will be filled with anticipation. However, in your excitement, do not forget basic dining etiquette. Chew with your mouth closed and don’t stuff your mouth with food. Also, refrain from scraping cutlery. It will put the elite escort off. Instead, be refined and polished to impress your date.

Don’t Ask Personal Questions

This is basic escort etiquette and you should not forget. It is easy to ask questions as you will be trying to forge a connection. However, refrain from asking the escort her name, age, and other personal details. Savour the moments by talking about interesting things. Also, do not discuss politics and religion as they are extremely personal topics. Go with broad topics, like your hobbies or travel experience.

Do Stay Back for Dessert

This perhaps is one of the best dinner date tips. It demonstrates that you are enjoying the time you are spending with the escort. You can suggest sharing the dessert to make the experience more flirtatious and sensual.

In Conclusion, Use these tips to make your dinner dates a roaring success. It will not only transform your evening but will lay the foundation for a night filled with intimate moments and passion.