I am Celina, a full-time independent escort in London for about three years now. I was in college back then, and I needed more money to support my fees and other personal needs. I was in search of a part-time job that would at least provide me with enough financial support. I tried so many jobs, including work from home ones to bar and hospitality ones. I have even been a waitress at a local restaurant, but that hardly allowed me to make a decent amount of money.

I was running out of funds, and I felt the need to do something really serious enough to survive this financial crunch. Because back at my home, I had no one to turn to for any help. One day when I was searching for jobs with higher pay, I came across an offer from a well-known escort agency, who was hiring young and beautiful girls. I was drawn to the payscale it was offering. It was quite impressive, at least enough to meet my expenses. I immediately applied for the offer.

And this is how it all began. I started to work for them on a part-time basis. I talked with other co-workers and came to learn how to fix my escorting rates. I used to charge between $50-100 initially and gradually tried to improve my skills. After being experienced for about six months, I increased my rates and charged between $150-300, depending upon the types of escort services offered to my clients. I worked hard during these times, trying to serve more clients. My working hours started from evening till midnight.

Gradually as the days passed, I felt that I started liking my job. Every day was a challenge for me, and I had to try hard to make each of my clients happy, but at least I knew what I wanted from my life. I managed to pay my fees and still had a handful of money left in my hands. More clients started turning up, and now I have almost become an expert in a range of services. I even served some VIP clients who often demanded my hot and erotic massage services, which have become quite popular by now.

Everything wasn’t going smoothly, and my expenses were growing. Moreover, my social life was getting hampered, and my friends started withdrawing themselves from my company. I was boxed up in my little room, with practically nobody to talk to. Still, I had to keep on fighting and struggling. Because now that I had spent years in the adult industry, and especially when I was happy with my way of life, there was no question of stepping back!

Eventually, I realized that I should work on making more income by offering better services and taking up more clients. I decided to become a full-time London independent escort, and this allowed me to increase my income to almost three times. I have taken a new flat where I call the clients who hire me for outcalls services. I even took up incalls and the areas covered in London, including Mayfair, Chelsea, Bayswater, Knightsbridge, South Kensington, Notting Hill, Earls Court, and some others. Being an independent escort London for about three years now, I would say that I love my work, and above all, I respect it.

If you are planning to become an escort, you need to register yourself as an independent escort on popular directories. However, if you want to apply to some popular agencies, you need a professional portfolio, which you can easily make within six months. If you ask, ‘where to generate leads or calls?’ I would recommend you to build secure social networks and promote your services across the agency portals and your social media channels.