Are you visiting London soon enough? Visiting there on business or for a trip? London is a highly sought-after city in the United Kingdom that is both a business hub and a top-class tourist destination. Piccadilly Circus is a famous locality situated in the West End area of London –in Westminster city. The place is famous for its series of notable historical places in Piccadilly Circus along with major attractions, including Faraday Museum, Piccadilly Theater, Piccadilly Arcade, and others. In addition to this, the place is also home to Piccadilly Circus Station -one of the busiest junctions in the city. Whether you are here for business or on a short vacation, the place has a multitude of options to entertain yourself.

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Top Ways to Enjoy Your Time in Piccadilly Circus:-

When you are with Celina, here are some ways to enjoy your time in this beautiful place:

  • Unveil the History of Piccadilly Circus: The place is known for its rich historical heritage with a series of historical monuments all around. While evidence has it that the region is not as old as the Roman civilization, it has been around in London since medieval times. Earlier, it was referred to as “The Road to Reading.” Get a hold of the best historical landmarks in London with a hot girlfriend like Celina by your side that only maximizes your overall fun.
  • Explore St. James’s Church: If you are spiritual by heart, a visit to the St. James’s Church is a great experience. Quite close to the Piccadilly Circus, the church is famous for its rich, ancient architecture from the time of 1672. In addition to being a pious landmark, the place is also host to a wide number of regular concerts & exhibits. There is also a lovely market nearby. When you are with Celina, you have a pleasurable time here by enjoying the concerts or shopping with her in the nearby market. Later on, be prepared to have a gala time with her back in your room.
  • Visit the Green Park: If you are a nature-lover, a visit to the park with a lovely companion is a great way to spend your time beautifully here. A stroll in the park hand-in-hand is a great way to express your emotions. The park is famous for its immense greenery and ample space to sit & relax around. Whether you come here during the day or evening, it is highly refreshing to be close to nature.
  • Shop on Regent Street: A famous shopping destination in London, Regent Street is known to run Northwest across the Piccadilly Circus. The place is home to some of the world-famous shopping brands. Some of the top ones are Hamleys, Tommy Hilfiger, Bose, Coach, Timberland, and so more. Celina is a Chinese beauty who is immensely fond of shopping. Moreover, she is also known to give special favors in return to the clients who make her shop from the leading brands in Piccadilly Circus. Be her favorite client by taking her out on a shopping spree in Regent Street.
  • Witness the Elegance of Statues & Museums: Being a historical hotspot, Piccadilly Circus sports a wide number of elegant & timeless statues and museums for the art enthusiasts. Take your girl out on a timeless flashback by exploring around the place and witnessing the architectural marvel of the statues like the Piccadilly Circus Statue, King George IV Statue, and the William Shakespeare Statue.