My name is Celina, an independent Asian escort and I’m available at anytime (24/7) you want me. That does not mean I don’t have enough customers and a lack of business. I have a lot of repeat customers who keep begging me for my time. However, I like meeting new people, see new clients and want to be available for everyone. It doesn’t matter what type of services you want, I am game for it! I also offer independent Chinese massage in London and can give you erotic massages as well. Apart from being your escort, I can also give you an extremely good erotic Chinese massage, all you need to do is just ask me.

No reservations

Don’t feel shy with me and open up as a butterfly and I will make your world colourful. If you’ve been looking for an Independent Asian escort, who will make you comfortable and be your companion, then just look up Celina on the internet. I will be the first one to show up on your search results. After spending some time with me, and when you are comfortable, all I’ll say is ‘let’s do it.’ So open up that champagne or wine bottle and light up your room, because Celina will be there.

Do not be uptight and just concentrate on relaxing. I offer independent Chinese massage in London, and I’m so well trained that I can give you the most erotic massage in your life. I will start with the massage and slowly work my way through your body and will make sure that it ends up in an amazing sexual experience. With my erotic services, I will make my all clients feel special, to know more read my another blog. Not many independent escorts in Central London are like me, accommodating and adjusting.

God has blessed me with an innate ability of understanding people as soon as I meet them. So as my client, I will easily read your mind and emotions and act accordingly. I’m a well mannered person which comes naturally to me because of my cultural heritage and am also very socially skilled. I know how to treat people they way they would like and immediately become their favorite. So if you want to spend time with a gorgeous-looking escort, do not hesitate to contact me. I’m available all days of the week. If I am not, leave a message when you want to hire me and at what time.