As an independent escort in Central London, I meet all types of people. My interaction with them has taught me many things that have helped me as a professional and on a personal level. I have realised that there is good and bad in people and the way you behave with them is the way they will behave with you.

I have demanding clients, and sometimes they just do not understand that I am a person too, with my own needs. While some clients are caring and loving, and try to appease me just like I do for them, there are others who are concerned just with their gratification and satisfaction. This can be frustrating as I am a sensual person and enjoy being with high-class gentlemen. No matter how much I try to coax such clients to give and take, there is only taking.

I am not into kinky stuff and some clients believe that since I am an escort, I will do anything they ask me to do. However, that is not the case. I am perfectly okay with mildly kinky things, but do not indulge in anything extreme. I make it clear to my clients from the very beginning so that they do not have any false expectations. Unfortunately, there are some clients, who do not accept it and still demand I do things that I am uncomfortable doing. However, with a bit of cajoling and talking, I am usually able to convince them, but it is emotionally exhausting.

I am quite lucky to have great looks and many clients get awed by my beauty. I am used to getting compliments about my looks and stunning figure. I am also comfortable with my sensuality that I know I ooze out. So, I never take it amiss when clients spend time just staring at me. It is quite a morale booster and I bask in the attention that is bestowed on me. Nearly all my clients cannot help but shower me with compliments throughout the time they spend with me. I thank them and they love the fact that one of the most beautiful girls in the world is their companion.

I have learnt that clients can be very demanding

They assume that since they are paying for an escort, she must do everything they ask for. However, that is not the case, as independent Central London escorts like me enjoy spending time with laid-back and high-profile gentlemen and we enjoy our sensuality. I draw the line at a few things and will not indulge in them. It is about principals and very often, clients find it hard to understand, especially since they believe they are paying for the services and hence, they are entitled to everything they ask. It takes time and patience to explain to clients that things do not work out like that. I enjoy my sensuality and have no qualms about satiating myself with clients, but when I say no, I mean no.

I refrain from entertaining drunk clients. They can be rude and obnoxious. Hence, it is my policy never to accept clients who are drunk. I tell them to sober down and come and meet me. In fact, many clients return and thank me for turning them away. I appreciate it.

I have learnt that clients can be very demanding

While I have been lucky to be treated well by most of my clients, there are others who are demeaning and rude. I am quite particular about how my clients treat and behave with me. I take the trouble to be clean and pretty for them, and would like them to do the same for me. If clients treat me poorly, I do not stand for it. I am also very famous as outcall escort in Central London. I am quite vocal about it. I am not a moonlighter, but a polished, educated and sophisticated young lady who enjoys being with high-class gentlemen. I have a strong sex drive and this work is perfect to satisfy my drive.

As an independent Asian escort in Central London, life has been a journey of learning. I have learnt to deal with all types of clients and I am happy to say that a majority of my clients are polished and refined gentlemen, who treat me with utmost respect. I love spending my time in their company and they enjoy being with me. So, it is a give and take relationship.