London is one of the most eclectic and fast paced cities that I’ve seen in the world. It is full of life and offers ecstasy in unknown places. In my lifetime experience of London, I’ve most enjoyed the city with my customers. I know all the best places to visit and I can take you to all of them. There are some incredible places to visit in London, while some are world famous, some are less known. But if I had to pick then these would be the top 5 of them.

  • The London Eye is one of the most iconic Ferris wheel of the world. It was built to mark the ushering of the millennium in 2000 and from day one it has been London’s most famous attraction. I’ve been there so many times and I never get enough of it. If you are willing to see the River Thames from the highest point of the wheel, then I will be more than happy to take you to the top. Throughout the 30 minutes ride I will keep you entertained and show you the best way to experience this wonder of London.
London Eye
  • Let’s go to the Warner Bro’s Studio and have a fun time reliving the Harry Potter series. We get to see all behind the movie scenes and how it was made. It is very interesting to be there and is probably one of the best in the world. Let’s unravel the magic together and witness great places like ‘The Great Hall.
  • Madame Tussauds needs no introduction and probably you would have already heard about it. However, when you visit the museum with me, it will be a totally different experience. Let’s explore the world of iconic figures who look lifelike and as though they are standing in front of us. Everyone has a favourite celebrity, whether it is music or the movies; and you will find their wax figures are present in this unique museum. How cool will it be to stand beside your favourite idol and take a picture? It would be the best Whatsapp or Instagram profile picture.
  • The Westminster Abbey has witnessed almost all the royalty of London. So come with me and feel royal by visiting this place. It has witnessed several people of fame since the 7th century and is an epitome of Christianity. All the royal weddings took place here and we can see how they were performed.
  • You want to know about London? Let’s visit the London Dungeon and go through the 1000 year old history of London. The unique thing about this place is that every depiction is lifelike. It will seem as though you are reliving the history of London. We can walk through from one show to another and learn about the glorious past of London.

If you are new to London, do not worry because I can show you the best of places to visit. From the most famous ones to the lesser ones known to mortals, I can walk you through entire London. You will not miss a thing of this great city when you spend time with me. I will also ensure that you have a great time while you visit these amazing places. All you need to do is contact me through my website or simply call me. I’m available 24/7 and can reach out to you anytime you call me. However, if I have a prior engagement then you will have to wait. But I assure you that you will have a very good time with me.