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You may have met so many people in your life, but when you meet me - you would find what a unique and special person I am, as a real joy and a real treasure. Here is one of MANY compliments I got from people I have met "Seeing you is like waking up to a perfect summers day - you just don't want it to end!"

Passion is the ultimate flame of life. It keeps people going and gives them a goal in life. I truly believe in these words, and passion is an integral part of my nature and emotions. I channelize my inherent passion to fulfill the dreams and desires of a successful gentleman so that they experience the flames burning bright inside me and partake of this passion to embrace it and make it their own.

I’m from the mainland of China, well educated here had been in London for more than 6years, my hobby is like traveling, cooking and meeting nice high-class gentleman!

As an Independent London escorts, I enjoy sensuality, but I command respect and I give respect. I value this symbiotic relationship and never compromise.

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"Erotic longing is more than yearning for sensual pleasure. One cannot take pleasure without giving pleasure. Every gesture, every caress, every touch, every glance, every bit of the body has its secret waiting to be revealed."


Naughty and Polished Independent Escort

I enjoy finer aspects in life and feel extremely comfortable in elite and premium settings. I am an intellectually capable person and can hold conversations on any topic. I like travelling, cooking and meeting courteous and high-class gentlemen. You can be certain that you will have an enjoyable and memorable time with me. As a discreet and elite independent Chinese escort, I respect your privacy and will never cross the invisible boundary unless you explicitly express it. I also expect the same respect from you; if I say no to something, I would like you to stop. I enjoy slightly kinky experience, but anything beyond it is not my forte.

I can be naughty when the occasion demands and at other times, I am polished and refined. I am a conundrum, and I am waiting for you to unravel this mystery so that you can delve deep and find out for yourself the fun and excitement I can bring into your life.

I can offer you true girlfriend experience (GFE), but if you are not in the mood, I will don my uniforms and be the seductive secretary, a teasing and pouty mistress or a sex therapist who knows how to you titillate you until you can control yourself no more.

Trained in beauty & Chinese Massage Therapy

If you are not in a mood for games and toys, I can help you de-stress. I am a trained beauty therapist and offer erotic massage in London. My massage can be therapeutic or erotic, depending on what your mood demands. I am good at discerning moods of refined gentlemen, and this has ensured I am highly sought-after and desired. I can make you forget the rigours of life and help you find your centre with my massage service like Tantric massage and four hands massage which is part and parcel of my companionship.

Finest Independent Oriental Escort in London

I take good care of myself. I love personal hygiene and I expect so do you. Before we meet, I request you to shower and wear something stylish and clean. I will take time to make myself beautiful for you and expect you to also go through some lengths to do the same for me. This will ensure we start of on a good note and thereafter, we let things take its course.

I will never pressurize you, but if I notice you are slightly hesitant or awkward around me, I will take steps to put you at ease. It could be a relaxing massage or something quirky, depending on how I gauge you.

Central London Fun and Excitement

When you want companionship in Central London, I will be there waiting for you. I do outcalls and visit all hotels in Central London, West Central London and Westminster. I promise you the best time of your life with my London hotel escort services. Whether it is a girlfriend experience or an erotic role-play, I am game for it. I also enjoy listening travelling, going to the theatre, watching movies and dining in premium restaurants. So we have ample options to choose from.

I promise to make this experience fun and exciting. It will change your views about elite escort services. You can rest assured that I will always maintain your privacy and never speak of you to anyone else or discuss the time we spend together. It will be our little secret and I hope to keep that tiny ember of passion burning inside you, so that each time you come to London, you seek out the companionship of that fine Asian woman, who knew how to give you a good time without you even uttering a word. Now, doesn’t that sound enticing?

Make Your Move

I can make the time we spend together one of the best experiences you will ever have. So, if you are looking for fun, excitement and companionship, send me a proposal. I will not waste your time and I expect you not to waste mine. Let’s be honest from the very beginning so that you carry away memories of a weekend that was filled with passion, sensuality and fun.

When you want discreet and premium Oriental escort services in London, remember I am just a message away. If you do not have the patience to wait for my reply to your message, feel free to get in touch with me by phone or email. You will find the details in the Bookings section.

I take pride in offering world-class escort service, and this enables me to offer you the best experience of your life. I strife hard to natural and unpretentious and would like you to be yourself with me. To know more about me click here. This is the only way we will enjoy the time we spend together.

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"I hail from Mainland China and I am well-educated. I finished my education in London, where I have been living for the last six years. "


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